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We take a wholistic approach by looking at your power bills and your home, and target advice to your own situation. Our advice covers cheaper tariffs, cheaper retailers, appliance efficiency, as well as unbiased advice about solar power and home battery storage. We follow up our home visit with a concise report that clearly outlines how to reduce your power bills!


We take a very similar approach to businesses as we do with residential auditing. We can only understand your business by checking both power bills and how appliances are used. Our advice covers cheaper tariffs, cheaper retailers, appliance efficiency, and increasingly, unbiased advice about solar power and battery storage. We follow up our site visit with a report tailored to your industry and business, with concise recommendations for future energy and cost savings.

Charities - Not for Profits

SCEA prides itself on giving back to the community. Our discounted energy audits for charities such as OzHarvest, Maleny Neighbourhood Centre, and Maple Street Co-operative, to name a few, have made a real difference to these enterprises. Reduced power bills mean funds can be put to better use, providing food and services to the less fortunate in our society.

Glen Andersson

Energy Auditor

Having completed more than 700 energy audits to AS/NZ3598:2000, Glen Andersson brings a world of experience to SCEA. With a bachelors degree in Commerce and post graduate studies in Residential and Commercial sustainability, he is able to provide detailed advice with an emphasis on both financial and energy savings. He has a passion for auditing which shows in his friendly, thorough approach and ability to translate complex issues into simple, easy to implement strategies for home owners and businesses.

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